Training Center

Welcome to where Charlotte’s comedians have been trained for over 14 years!

Improv-PowersCharlotte Comedy Theater is legendary in producing top comedic talent in the South East, many of which have gone on to Chicago, LA and New York to pursue their comedy careers. Our training and philosophy originated in Chicago, and our founder was trained directly by the legends in the art form; Del Close, Mick Napier, Charna Halpern, Amy Poehler, Miles Stroth, Joe Bill and many more.

Improv is not just for budding comedians but it is also a great place to recapture your sense of self, your playful spirit, and to gain a greater confidence that is nurtured in an environment where there is no failure, only exploration. Improv is as much a state of being as it is a skill set. All of which we teach and live at CCT. So if you are thinking there is more to life, and that there is more to you then you are currently experiencing, then invest in your happiness and see where this journey takes you. For us, it has been life affirming and given us a community of amazingly fun people to play with.

To register e-mail  For 21 and over, space is limited to register early to begin your journey!

Classes are in three levels, and each level is 6 weeks long, meeting at Wet Willies, (level 1&2) Thursdays 6:30-9pm, and (level 3 & advanced) Sundays 6:30-8:30 pm. All levels are $230 which includes free admission to shows.

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2016 Beginner classes start on:

  • Thursday, Dec 8
  • Thursday, Jan 19

New classes start every 7 weeks!

Send an email to Keli Semelsberger to register or for more information!