Joes Raw Bar Show

Joe’s Raw Bar Show!

The Old School Cast of “Joe’s Raw Bar” is a celebration of CCT’s dicey and resilient history.  Prior to our beloved location in Wet Willies, we have played in some pretty shady places, Joes being one of them, and oh the memories we had (meaning we can’t remember it anymore).  This team is comprised of the most experienced, veteran improvisers in Charlotte having 7 to 23 years experience.  These players are the founders of the Charlotte improv scene, and have been playing together for over a decade.   A not to be missed performance featuring James Walker, PJ Kelly, Tracy Davis, Kevin Shimko, Drea Leonetti, Jason Spooner, Andy Smith, Keli Semelsberger, Brian Briscoe, David Wilson, Jack Davis, Thomas Ballassy, Austen DiPalma, and others. Come see the Charlotte’s original improv cast together again.

Old School   Old School